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And still democrats have not accepted that america has a new president and that president trump is getting results so president trump tweeted out election night results starring cenk uygur just for the hell of it. A major democrat donor has demanded the party to push for impeachment proceedings against president donald trump billionaire tom steyer sent a letter to democrat lawmakers, asking them to seek impeachment of trump and suggesting that the republican is unfit for office. Nearly 40 years since he left office, presidential scholars are still debating jimmy carter's legacy the american people voted him out of office after one term as the country faced skyrocketing inflation and the unending iran hostage crisis. Two young black women who voted for obama for the first time in 2008 have very different opinions of whether he was a good president for race relations and for the usa. Sometimes i recoil a little when somebody declares that there can be an american president greater than george washington henry “light-horse harry” lee declared washington, “first in the hearts of his countrymen” washington is great for many things, but perhaps he is greatest for the.

But if good campaigners made good presidents, we'd have a constant string of successes most sitting presidents, almost by definition, have been skilled on the campaign trail yet the talents do. In the second-worst scandal to hit donald trump in the last two weeks, rumors are swirling about a recording of trump saying the n-word there's no proof such a recording exists, but disgruntled. Was andrew jackson a good president andrew jackson was born in a backwoods settlement in the carolinas in 1776 his parents, scotch-irish folk, came to america two years before his birth.

President bill clinton was a bad man who became a reasonably good president in domestic and foreign matters but then there was that impeachment issue that greatly tarnished his presidency. Original storyline about the president and heroine is a bit similar to one child two treasures: the billionaire chief’s good wife or hidden wife so if you like those type of stories, you're bound to like this one as well. A president’s legacy is defined not only by his actions, but also by his words those who have held the highest office in the united states know well that what they say has impacts far beyond the podium this list compiles some of the best presidential quotes from american history, grouped within.

How to be a good club president three parts: becoming a good club president leading a successful club keeping your club organized community q&a club presidents facilitate club functions, and create an environment that is fair and a fun experience for all members involved. Student class president is a good position for those that want to make a difference in their schools this is also a position that illustrates a desire for community involvement and volunteer work offering opportunities to students to build their portfolio. The donald trump presidency defies all the rules, not unlike like the trump personality it is difficult to find good news about what the president is doing and what he has accomplished.

John f kennedy proclaimed a national thanksgiving day, oct 28, 1961: “‘it is a good thing to give thanks unto the lord’ more than three centuries ago, the pilgrims, after a year of. Five traits of a good president posted in frq by bleedingh3art on february 9, 2007 when looking at the presidents of america’s history and trying to pick the best one, it is important to look at individual traits that make a good president. President donald trump’s unpopularity is unprecedented given the strength of the economy that’s according to a bloomberg analysis of polling data it shows that trump is the first us leader.

Good president

The president can only approve or veto (reject) legislation that congress passes even then, congress can override a veto and make it the law the supreme court can also limit the president's power by ruling that a law or action violates the us constitution. The west is wrong about china’s president apr 3, 2018 keyu jin in the west, government accountability is closely identified with democratic elections in china, it is a function of how – and how well – the government responds to and protects the needs and interests of the people. Of the myriad ways to judge a us presidency, one measure emerges as the bottom line for many americans: jobs much like a baseball player’s runs batted in or a company’s earnings, the number.

Jfk was not a good president, just remembered well nixon was a brilliant politician but remembered as a shady scumbag, even compared to other politicians fdr elected 4 times but if it weren't for wwii his new deal would have destroyed america not to mention court packing is worse than what nixon did. Good morning, president is a film that brings to light the human side of the nation’s top leader [5] the political comedy is directed by jang jin , well known for using a unique sense of humor to add spice to a plot, poking fun at politics, and providing some good laughs.

John calvin coolidge jr was born in plymouth notch, windsor county, vermont, on july 4, 1872, the only us president to be born on independence day he was the elder of the two children of john calvin coolidge sr (1845–1926) and victoria josephine moor (1846–1885. Barack obama is a polarizing president his supporters say he'll be remembered as one of the greatest presidents he inherited an imploding economy and turned it around he expanded healthcare for all americans he led the nation for eight years without any real crisis his critics say his foreign policy was a disaster he made racial tensions worse. Shadow government can donald trump be a good president is it possible we were wrong about trump’s governing prospects for the sake of our nation and the world, we hope so. Although a good president is somewhat subjective, most people will agree that a good president is someone who takes quick action whenever problems threaten the nation, addresses key issues using his or her platform, communicates often and honestly with the people, is intelligent, is knowledgeable about government and has a strong character.

good president Every president has made mistakes in their years in the white house, my predecessor may have just made more mistakes than the others c my predecessormay not have been a great president, but he was still a great american for tring to help our great nation. good president Every president has made mistakes in their years in the white house, my predecessor may have just made more mistakes than the others c my predecessormay not have been a great president, but he was still a great american for tring to help our great nation.
Good president
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